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Loan Interest Rates

  Loan Description

Rate (APR)*


  Signature & Co-signer Loans as low as 8.50% Up to 36 months
  New Vehicle and Program Cars (90%MSRP) as low as 4.00% Up to 72 months
  Other New Secured as low as 5.00% Up to 72 months
  Used Secured as low as 5.50% Up to 60 months
  Mobile Home call us for a current rate Up to 120 months
  Home Mortgage (10-year fixed rate)  call us for a current rate
10 years


  Home Mortgage (15-year fixed rate)


call us for a current rate 15 years
  Home Mortgage (Variable Rate)
call us for a current rate Up to 20 years
  Share-secured and CD-secured Loans


call us for a current rate  

*  Loan Rates are subject to credit review, and may change without notice.  For current rates, please visit this Website or call Allied Credit Union at 251-246-5178.

**  Maximum Loan Term subject to age and condition of secured collateral.

Last Updated:  3/11/2011

A member is eligible to apply for a loan if the member has been a member in good standing at Allied Credit Union or another credit union for at least one year.  You may have the one-year eligibility waived by submitting a written request for a waiver to the Credit Committee. Maximum loan amount available for member in good standing  $200,000.00.

Effective 2/21/02:
Renewals on signature loans will only be allowed a maximum of four (4) times per year.